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Jeg heter Grace.

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My visual journey


Here are some of my projects and design studies I have worked on over the years.

Project Name: Negarden 1897
Project for:  Negarden 1897, Flisa Norway
Role: Photographer and Graphic Designer, 2021-2023

Negarden 1897 Brochure

Mock-up and actual brochure material

Brochure mock-up cover.jpg
Brochure mock-up.jpg
Brochure mock-up back cover.jpg
1Artboard 1-100.jpg
1Artboard 1 copy 2-100.jpg

Negarden 1897
Social Media Assets

Design studies and Mock-up

1Artboard 1 copy-100.jpg

Negarden 1897
Social Media Assets

Wedding at Negarden 1897
Summer 2023

Negarden 1897
Social Media Assets

Social Media Assets

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00Vertical 4-50.jpg
00Square 4-50.jpg

Ringsaker Kirke 2023

Emmelot Grace enjoyed photographing Julekonsert at Ringsaker Kirke. The ambience was cosy, and the music was good. Incredible evening that reflected the spirit of the season. Check out some of our photos below!

Captured Magical Moments

Emmelot Grace Photography had the opportunity to create beautiful Christmas season photos for Prøysenhuset, and we can't wait to work with you to make the same kind of magic. 

Åshild og Jenny Bryllup

14 Oktuber 2022

Svein Amund and Tonje Bryllup

Project Name: Banaue International Music Composition Competition
Project for: iStrat, Philippines
Role: Producer and Photographer, 2018

Project Name: The Tourism Decade
Project for:  Department of Tourism Philippines
Role: Official Documentary Photographer, 2019

Project Name: Internal Marketing Campaigns, "We are Mærsk" and "The Thank You Campaign"
Project for:  In-house, Internal Creative Agency, Mærsk Global Services Centre LTD
Role: Senior Multimedia Designer, 2017

Project Name: Advance VATS Masterclass
Project for:  Department of Thoracic Surgery & Anesthesia of Lung Center  of the Philippines
Role: Project Lead and Photographer, 2019

Project Name: Sarpsborg Case
Project for:  Kamstrup Sarpsborg, Norway
Role: Photographer, 2022

Project Name: Apothekeria Teaser
Project for:  Teaser Study
Role: Photographer & Videographer, 2021

Design Study

Practical test for Ricardofoto_Page_1.jpg
Practical test for Ricardofoto_Page_2.jpg
Practical test for Ricardofoto_Page_3.jpg
03Artboard 3.png
03Artboard 4.png
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Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 18.15.10.png

The Nordic Winter Life

A slice of our expat living in Norway shared in the
The Filipino Expat Magazine

words and photographs by: Grace Orbon-Emmelot


Local Newspaper Article

Ringsaker Blad
Ringsaker, Norway

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