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Jeg heter Grace.

My Photography Website

My visual journey


Here are some of my projects and design studies I have worked on over the years.

Project Name: Banaue International Music Composition Competition
Project for: iStrat, Philippines
Role: Producer and Photographer, 2018

Project Name: The Tourism Decade
Project for:  Department of Tourism Philippines
Role: Official Documentary Photographer, 2019

Project Name: Internal Marketing Campaigns, "We are Mærsk" and "The Thank You Campaign"
Project for:  In-house, Internal Creative Agency, Mærsk Global Services Centre LTD
Role: Senior Multimedia Designer, 2017

Project Name: Advance VATS Masterclass
Project for:  Department of Thoracic Surgery & Anesthesia of Lung Center  of the Philippines
Role: Project Lead and Photographer, 2019

Project Name: Negarden 1897
Project for:  Negarden 1897, Flisa Norway
Role: Photographer and Graphic Designer, 2021

Negarden 1897 Brochure

Mock-up and actual brochure material

Brochure mock-up cover.jpg
Brochure mock-up.jpg
Brochure mock-up back cover.jpg

Negarden 1897
Social Media Assets

Design studies and Mock-up

1Artboard 1 copy-100.jpg
1Artboard 1 copy 2-100.jpg
1Artboard 1-100.jpg

Negarden 1897
Social Media Assets

Social Media Assets

00Horizontal 4-50.jpg
00Vertical 4-50.jpg
00Square 4-50.jpg

Project Name: Sarpsborg Case
Project for:  Kamstrup Sarpsborg, Norway
Role: Photographer, 2022

Project Name: Apothekeria Teaser
Project for:  Teaser Study
Role: Photographer & Videographer, 2021

Project Name: Autumn Hues
Project for:  Instagram reel
Role: Photographer & Videographer, 2022

Design Study

Practical test for Ricardofoto_Page_1.jpg
Practical test for Ricardofoto_Page_2.jpg
Practical test for Ricardofoto_Page_3.jpg
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