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My Story

Hey there, it's great to meet you! My name is Grace Orbon-Emmelot.

I have enjoyed capturing life's beautiful moments as a professional photographer for the last 15 years. It's been an amazing journey so far with all the opportunities photography has given to me. I am also a proud mom of four wonderful children and happily married to someone who shares my love for photography and travel. These days I call the serene countryside of Norway our second home. Here, I continue to pursue my passion for storytelling through photography, writing, and documentaries. I try to learn and grow every day and make each day count. 

Travel Companion

I like to travel smart and pursue an authentic experience. I understand that travel is not just about taking photographs; it's about the essence of travel: partaking in a singular and unique experience, not for the "gram" but for yourself.


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Let’s skip to the good part.

I am so amazed by how the kids manage to walk a distance of 15km, or almost 9 hours, in the snow. We are blessed with good weather and quite fortunate that the northern lights have appeared even though the moon is too bright. Though I'm the only one who's crazy to stay up a little bit longer into the night.

This is one of the inexpensive ways to enjoy the outdoors with family, as everything is so expensive here. Apart from food and gas, nature is free. Some degree of discomfort will remind you to appreciate every little thing.

A trip to the mountains in the middle of nowhere is a fascinating and, at the same time, exhausting experience. Behind the great images and videos, it's strenuous. It is far from perfect, like the photos and videos. Our travel is not perfect, and I do not like certain parts, but what there is not to love. I am with the most important people in my life through moments of fun and difficulty.

Norway 2023

The Nordic Winter Life

A slice of our expat living in Norway shared in the
The Filipino Expat Magazine

words and photographs by: Grace Orbon-Emmelot



Welcome to phoTOURadventures, a perfect balance of travel and photography to create tailor-made trips that offer an authentic experience. The goal is to guide you through the best locations and create an authentic experience. You don't need to worry about taking photos of your trip because I will do it for you. Let us help you create your dream travel phoTOUr adventure with me.

Count me in!

Ringsaker kommune, Norway

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